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Social Assistance Law Draft

The draft of the Social Assistance Law can be consulted accessing the following link:

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S.O.S. (MIX2TV BRASOV) 30.09.2011

"The County Agency for Persons with Disabilities" (AJPHBV) has been founded at the initiative of several NGOs from Brasov County which have the mission to promote and support the rights of persons with disabilities.

Romania must apply the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty, entered into force on 1 December 2009, which reinforces new mechanisms regarding social solidarity, campaigns for a Europe of rights, values, freedom and security and also maintains the existing rights but new civil, political and social rights are introduced. In this context the County Agency for Persons with Disabilities aims to reform the social assistance system in Brasov County by developing viable programs for the disabled persons, focusing on promoting an active, secure, decent and dignified life. In addition to these objectives the Agency aims to promote inclusive values in society, but also to increase the population welfare complementary with the rapid resorption of the serious problems regarding poverty and social exclusion.

In Brasov County, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities aims to:

1. Train and develop civic values
2. Establish social cohesion relations in the groups of beneficiaries
3. Inform the public on the situation of persons with disabilities and the problems they face every day
4. Prevent all forms of discrimination and social exclusion
5. Develop programs that direct the persons with disabilities to identify their own resources, to develop skills and strengthen their self-knowledge
6. Disseminate the activities and results through the beneficiaries, media and informative publications
7. Promote activites that highlight at county level the particular days for persons with different types of disabilities


Commision for analysis, verification and settlement of financial support requests

According to the Decision no. 154/28.04.2010 the County Agency for Persons with Disabilities examine, verify and promote to the Brasov County Council the requests for financial support made by individuals who are in a situation of extreme difficulty.

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